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Nominations - Information

Nominations - Information

Why you should consider being an OACA Director…

Professional Development

Service on the Board of Directors can provide and fine-tune valuable professional development skills that can advance your career by providing exposure to other disciplines that you may not encounter on a frequent basis.

To enhance the opportunity for professional development and team collaboration, roles and responsibilities for each position on the Board have been defined. Directors and members can utilize these positions as a way to enhance their skillset in a number of areas including leadership/management, communications, marketing, event planning, project management (education), policy development, finance, customer service and administration.

Giving Back

Board service is a rewarding way to share your skill set and talent with a non-profit organization that is linked to your profession.  Your involvement will contribute to the growth and development of our Association.

Fresh Ideas & Expertise

The Board is looking for members to provide fresh ideas and expertise to enhance the delivery of services to our members.

How long is a term on the Board of Directors?

Each Director has a term of three (3) years or until their successor has been elected. Positions filled due to vacancy will be determined by the Board in accordance with existing term limits.

What is Involved?

The Board meets in-person at least two (2) times per year (before conference and seminar), and as often as necessary, depending on initiatives and events. Where possible, teleconferencing and electronic methods of communication are being used to increase convenience, efficiency and to reduce costs and time associated with live meetings.

A tentative meeting schedule may be confirmed at the first meeting of the Board which may be modified throughout the year to accommodate scheduling.

At the first meeting of the Board, Directors will be assigned to one of the following committees:

  • Event Planning (conference and seminar)
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Finance and Administration
  • Legislation
  • Governance and Elections

** Multiple directors may be assigned to areas that have a higher workload.  

Annually, the elected members of the Board will appoint a President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary. Please see OACA’s Constitution for more information.

An average time commitment of 2 – 3 hours per month (excluding meetings) is typically required to complete workload.

Are expenses covered?

Expenses for travel and accommodation are covered for all in person meetings.

Expenses for the annual conference and seminar, including registration fees, are covered for Board members.

Am I eligible? 

To be eligible to serve as volunteer Director:

  • You must be an Full Member of the Association in good standing. Full members are restricted to Committee Members, Secretary Treasurers and Assistant Secretary Treasurers of Committees of Adjustment, Land Division Committees and Consent Granting Authorities.

In addition:

  • Candidates should confirm that their municipality / employer is prepared to allow time necessary to attend all meetings of the Board as well as conference & seminar.
  • Successful candidates must have regular access to emails to ensure the business of the Board is addressed in a timely manner.

What positions are available?

OACA is currently accepting nominations for the following positions on the Board of Directors:

  • Three (3) Director positions

Nomination Process

Nomination Forms are submitted electronically through our website. You must login to your member profile to access the form. Once logged in, click “My Profile” and the “2024 Nomination Form” link on the left hand side bar. Or click the Nomination Form Button below, login, and you'll arrive on the Nominations Form. 

A slate of candidates will be emailed to the membership after the closing of nominations which will include a photo of the candidate, brief bio and candidate nomination statements.


The election will take place electronically May 13-17, 2024 (closes at noon). The results will be provided to the membership prior to the start of the Conference. If you are elected, the first meeting of the new Board of Directors will be on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, following the conclusion of the 2024 OACA Conference.