OACA Municipal Training

Currently, OACA offers the “Committee Guidelines Training Session”. The cost is $600.00 for the training session plus accommodations, mileage, and meals for the presenters. You may wish to invite participants from surrounding municipalities who could share in the cost. We recommend limiting the session to approximately 15 to 25 participants. The training session takes approximately 3 hours and can be presented in a morning, afternoon, or evening.

So gather up your Council and Committee Members, sit back, and learn.

It’s easy, we come to you!

Committee Guidelines Training Session includes:

  • What you should know about the Official Plan, Zoning By-law & Provincial Policy Statement
  • When to delcare a Conflict of Interest and what action to take if you have declared
  • Who to discuss the application with and who NOT to discuss it with
  • How to achieve an understanding of the application
  • Site inspections - who should perform them, how should they be conducted and when should they be done
  • Group site inspections - Good or bad
  • Notice signs - When are they required, Who is responsible for posting signs, What to do if the signs are not posted
  • The Rules of Natural Justice and why they must be followed
  • Establishing Committee integrity and credibility
  • The "Council Connection" and how to handle it
  • Who is in charge? Keeping order during meetings
  • When should the Chair vote?
  • How formal should meetings be?
  • The differences between the role of Staff and the role of the Committee

Please fill out the form below and provide us with some details regarding your municipality or organization and a representative from OACA will be in touch shortly.